No Raw Chicken Soup for You Today

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No Raw Chicken Soup for You Today
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Writing this post on the last night of September and sending it out on the first day of October.

That’s how my mind is justifying my “September” writing. This month has been incredibly

transformative for me personally after intense Spiritual work (yes, Spiritual work is active,

intense and requires commitment but that’s a subject for another post) and I am still in a

deep space of processing and integrating.


So being in a space of writing and outward action has not been my authentic impulse for the

last couple of weeks. And one thing I’ve promised is not to put content out into the world

just to check it off my list (ego). We’ve got an overload of content and information circling out

there…and insanely packed inboxes. Equally and actually more urgently, we are starving for

depth (and meaning) and lacking in permission to allow space and time for it to unfold in our lives.


Being in that deep space is not something that is supported nor truly respected or valued in our

modern society (noticing a theme here through all my recent writings yet?). I’m thinking it began

around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Suddenly time itself became a commodity and lost

its sacredness. Time holds space for us in physical form but we’ve been reduced to measuring

ourselves by it in terms of our value, our worthiness: how much can YOU produce? How old do

you look? How quickly can you achieve? How many likes on your post? The list of measurement

and judgement goes on and on…



Nights Impossible Burden by Brian Kershisnik


Usually when I write, I can feel the wave of wisdom, hop on and ride the wave. But tonight, still

in the midst of my integrating my personal spiritual work- there is no wave. Just stillness. I keep

re-reading the first 3 paragraphs and saying to myself, “That’s it, there’s nothing else. Call it a

night. Don’t force it.”


So I’m not going to force it. The truth is: I’m still being cooked. And I’m going to honor that

process. What if you were to throw a raw chicken, veggies and herbs into a pot of boiling water

for 5 minutes, pour it into bowls and then serve it while proclaiming to your dinner guests that

the soup was ready? Can you imagine the reaction? It’s no different when we’re going through

profound transformative processes.


But again, we go back to the industrial revolution (not capitalized on purpose). We are pressured to

constantly produce in order to prove our worth and value. Now, that’s the old model. Times are changing,

energies are shifting and we are being given many, many opportunities to transform this outdated paradigm.

If you allow time and space for stillness, you just might hear your own personal invitation from the cosmos…

be still, be present and breathe- there is nothing to prove.


For if we cannot give ourselves permission to be still- how can we ever begin to have a sense or

even experience the equally real, necessary vital worlds within us that are actually priceless and

operate outside the realm of measurement by the ego?


Atlas of Wander by Vladimir Kush


No raw chicken soup for you today. Not from me. I’ll let you know when I’m done being cooked.