About Nora


 My Sacred work is helping you remember the “whole truth,”

your fullest expression of YOU

so that you may begin to make empowered decisions

and choices in your life that come from

an authentic place within your heart and soul.

From this new space,

you experience life as a co-creator and no longer by default.


For over 20 years Nora has been studying and participating in various healing modalities to help facilitate healing, growth, conscious awareness and authentic manifestation.  She believes we are ultimately responsible for our own lives and how we create what we experience and without awareness and knowledge, there can be no wisdom or courageous action.

Now is the time to embrace your authentic gifts and to step out into the world.  As we begin to shift and facilitate healing and change within ourselves, so the world will shift and move with us.  We are all interconnected and part of the whole.  Our work is to love ourselves first and then to joyfully leap into the world with our gifts to live our purpose, our true destiny.

Nora believes we are creatures of habit and will re-create in our external, physical environments (our bodies included) what we believe and feel inside.  Her joy and expertise is to help those who are ready to own their stories and do the work to reconnect with their authentic selves and to consciously guide them start to recreate that heart soul connection in everything they do in life.

Nora holds certifications in Health Coaching, Money Breakthrough Coaching, and Feng Shui. She is also a Human Design specialist and practices Shamanic healing work.